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Steve, Climbing and Bob Geldof

Anyone old enough to remember Live Aid in the 80s may recall Bob Geldof bellowing 'give us yer money, you bastards!' to the arena of music fans and the world in general. Millions of people heard those words and promptly emptied their Levi's pockets to raise money for the starving children of the third world.


Thirty-odd years later, I am posting a similar message which differs from Bob's in just five ways. Firstly, I am not Bob. Secondly, this post is unlikely to be viewed by millions of people (but let's not rule that out for sure, Splat's promo work on this forum has been very good indeed). Thirdly, giving money won't allow you to see an exclusive roster of pop stars performing live (although it is Glastonbury this weekend), instead you'll be the recipient of a happy conscience (which is much better for tinnitus sufferers). And fourthly, it's 2017, so you don't even need to give me money, you just do it all on PayPal. And fifthly, none of you are bastards.


So what I need you to do is to head over to where you can sponsor Steve as he attempts the Three Peaks challenge in Wales (I say 'attempts', but we all know he'll do it!). All the money goes to St David's Hospice, and you can even donate if you are outside the UK.


So go on. Give us yer money. Bastards.


Pieces of Ace Host, Studio A

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