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Steve, Climbing and Bob Geldof

June 23, 2017
Started By Host Thom0 Comments

Anyone old enough to remember Live Aid in the 80s may recall Bob Geldof bellowing 'give us yer money, you bastards!' to the arena of music fans and the world in general. Millions of people heard those words and promptly emptied their Levi's pockets to raise money for the starving children of the third world.


Thirty-odd years later, I am posting a similar message which differs from Bob's in just five ways. Firstly, I am not Bob. Secondly, this post is unlikely to be viewed by millions of people (but let's not rule that out for sure, Splat's promo work on this forum has been very good indeed). Thirdly, giving money won't allow you to see an exclusive roster of pop stars performing live (although it is Glastonbury this weekend), instead you'll be the recipient of a happy conscience (which is much better for tinnitus sufferers). And fourthly, it's 2017, so you don't even need to give me money, you just do it all on PayPal. And fifthly, none of you are bastards.


So what I need you to do is to head over to where you can sponsor Steve as he attempts the Three Peaks challenge in Wales (I say 'attempts', but we all know he'll do it!). All the money goes to St David's Hospice, and you can even donate if you are outside the UK.


So go on. Give us yer money. Bastards.

Hey all, Helen checking in...

June 11, 2017
Started By CavyX0 Comments

Hey everyone, I hope the pride season finds you all well!

I am trying to write this blog post with not one, but three cats vying for my attentions. Although Macy did just beat the other cats off the bed lol.

Sadly I missed both Coventry and Gloucester due to my work commitments but I am going to be at London pride with the POA crew!

These are supposed to be like an update on our lives and that, except I work a lot so I don't do loads outside my life haha. But next week I have got a busy week with Burger training with my team, getting a new tattoo added too in London on wednesday and then seeing an old friend on the thursday. Then I'm off down to Wantage to see Josh and Robin on the sunday!

So busy busy,

Hopefully I will see you a few of you at Pride's soon!

Stay Ace!

UK Pride Events this weekend!

June 5, 2017
Started By Splatacus0 Comments

Pieces of Ace will be present at not one, not three, but two Pride events this coming weekend!

*pause for cheering and applause*



Thom and Steve are heading over to Coventry, while Robin and myself will be at Gloucester.

If anybody is near to either of these locations please come and say hi! :D

Hello to the PoA community. :)

It's my turn to take the helm of our PoA blog and I didn't have a clue what to talk about so I came up with this. Passions and Interests... and how they begin... discuss.

I'm hoping you guys can get involved as well but I'm gonna cover a few of the things I'm into and how they started. As I'm writing this, I think I might spread this over a few of my blog posts...

So first off... music.

Now, most of you were probably expecting me to say Theatre. Well, yes theatre is a massive interest of mine but I don't think I would be interested in it without the base of music.

So, when I was 7 I joined the school recorder club along with about 18 other kids, blasting their lungs down their poor recorders. After 2 months 18 became 2... and I was one of them. We kept going all through primary school, then in secondary school I joined their recorder group and started having private lessons. By doing this I passed multiple exams and achieved my Grade 8 with a Distinction and then my performance diploma with a Distinction. (I know, I'm blowing my own... recorder.... but I'm really proud of my achievement).

Fun fact. As I achieved my performance diploma, technically I can call myself Robin Dibben ATCL. But I don't.

I didn't stray from the recorder onto other instruments, I kept going and still play now in a group. This basis in music lead me on to explore other types of music which lead me to start having singing lessons at about 18 and when I needed a stage, I discovered ammeter dramatics. (By the way, ATCL stands for Associate of the Trinity College of Music, just incase you were wandering :p). So lets lead this onto theatre.

I can remember as a kid, my mum would show us all the Disney movies (which are technically musicals) and I was a major Disney fanboy... I still am a major Disney fanboy. So these films like Beauty and the beast, Lion King, Aladdin eat were my first musicals I was experiencing.  

I can also remember her having Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat on VHS and also Cats on VHS. I still know all the words to Joseph, just from having the VHS as a child. 

Interestingly, the first professional musical I saw was Cats. In 2006 (November I think) Myself and my parents headed off to Bristol and saw Cats. I really liked it. I didn't know what to expect and it was awesome. Then I remember seeing a news report saying this new musical called Wicked was opening in London. I saw Wicked in 2007 (April I think) at the Apollo Victoria Theatre and that was it. That was the catalyst for my major interest, probably call it obsession with Musicals.

But... people wander why I see so many, and how I can sit through them. 1. I love them. 2. I find seeing a show kinda like therapy. I will probably cry at some point during a musical due to either the singers, the emotion of the show or just the beauty of what they are doing on stage (I've cried when it started snowing on stage in a show... yea). And I feel so much better when I come out of a show.

So yea, my first passion I have covered is music. I probably have a few more I can cover but please let me know about your passions and how you think they started.

Till next time


Thom's Stag Do

May 23, 2017
Started By Host Thom1 Comments

A quick update from Thom about his Stag Do this weekend just gone... Apologies to viewers and listeners who missed us on Sunday, but we were very tired and still needed to drive home around the time we usually broadcast!

As you may know, Robin is Thom's Best Man, so with a bunch of Thom's friends (including Helen and Splat), he organised an awesome trip to St Briavels castle on the Welsh/English border. There we set up camp for the night, as the castle doubles as a Youth Hostel. Robin had cleverly organised a kids' birthday party-style feast of games, party food, music and lights, which entertained us through the night (and gave us an excuse to east lots of cake!).

After all the staff had gone home, we had a snoop around the grounds of the castle in the dark, playing hide and seek and popping across to the church graveyard to read gravestones and generally snoop about. The castle even had its own oubliette, which was complete with (fake) skeleton. If you don't know what an oubliette is, watch the film Labyrinth!

After a lot more chatting and chilling, we went to bed and endured perhaps the loudest, creakiest bunk beds known to man. The next morning we grabbed some breakfast before heading out to Tintern Abbey, where the remains of a Welsh abbey lie in breath-taking condition. Many photos later we had some more food (there is definitely a food theme here), we chilled in the sun whilst eating ice cream (see?).

All in all, a great time was had by everyone, and all my groomshumans got to meet each other for the first time. It was certainly different to your typical stag do, but then since when are asexuals normal?!






21 May 17 - First Post!

May 21, 2017
Started By Splatacus0 Comments

We're all going to try and update this blog a couple of times a week to give you all an inside look at the lives of the Pieces of Ace crew.

Four fifths of the PoA crew have been away on Thom's Stag Do this weekend!

As we're all exhausted there won't be a show on tonight, but we'll share some pictures with you soon!

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